Rehabilitation at Cancer Partners

Empowering Patients to Live the Life They Want Throughout Recovery

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Set Your Goals

The Cancer Partners rehabilitation team will build a plan with you. Our goal is to help you live your life as you did before diagnosis.

Cancer rehabilitation can help you reach the following goals:

  • Learn methods to improve the ability to care for yourself.
  • Education to adjust to actual, perceived and potential losses.
  • Learn how to improve physical strength and activity tolerance.
  • Strategies for reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Identify possible side effects of treatment to allow you to be proactive and involved in your care.
  • Prehabilitation – This can be for optimizing physical functionality preoperatively to enable you to maintain a normal level of function during and after surgery.
  • Prehabilitation training can be a combination of aerobic exercises, strength training and functional task training to suit individual needs.

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