Occupational Therapy

Mastering Activities for Daily Life

How We Help You

Our Rehabilitation Team Works With You Before, During and After Treatment

  • Reduce discomfort, improve quality of daily life
  • Overcome effects of illness
  • Regain function and strength

Managing Symptoms

Patients often need special services to address the effects of cancer, such as lymphedema therapy. A Cancer Partners occupational therapist is trained and able to help with issues like these.

Adapting to Treatment

Your personalized therapy plan can start before side effects like weakness and fatigue make tasks more difficult. Our unique combination of cancer and occupation therapy fills the needs at each stage of our patients’ treatment and survivorship. These symptoms may include lymphedema, fatigue, musculoskeletal pain, joint stiffness, weakness, cognitive problems, balance problems and issues with communication, swallowing or eating.

Further Progress

Your medical and therapy teams are partners throughout your care. That continues after treatment to help patients regain control.

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