DigniCap Scalp Cooling System

A Clinically-Proven Way to Reduce Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Hair loss is a common side effect of many chemotherapy drugs. With the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System, you’re able to minimize hair loss throughout treatment. The system includes a computerized cooling unit managed through a touch screen display and an attached cooling cap. The ability to maintain direct contact between the cooling cap and scalp at a consistent treatment temperature is what makes the DigniCap so effective.

How DignicapWorks

The DigniCap Cooling System helps reduce hair loss in two ways:

  • Reduced blood flow
    Vasoconstriction in the scalp area limits the amount of chemotherapy agent delivered to the hair follicles.
  • Reduced metabolism
    Lower scalp temperature decreases the reaction rate causing normal cellular activity in the localized scalp area to slow dramatically.

Who can use DigniCap and is there financial assistance available?

DigniCap can help reduce hair loss in patients with solid tumors. Speak with your oncologist to learn if the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System is compatible with your treatment.

Insurance coverage for scalp cooling is not yet standard, however, there are scholarships available for low-income patients who qualify. Learn more about these scholarships on the Heartland Cancer Foundation web site.

I’m blessed to have been given a chance to keep my dignity and regain some control with The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System."


Clinical Research

The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System was studied in women with breast cancer at some of the nation’s most prestigious medical centers. The pivotal trial concluded that the DigniCap Scalp Cooling System prevented hair loss in 66.3% of patients with breast cancer receiving chemotherapy compared to the control group, where all experienced significant hair loss. Treatment was well tolerated with no scalp metastases observed. DigniCap was found to be highly effective in reducing chemotherapy-induced alopecia.

The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System was FDA cleared in December 2015 for women with breast cancer being treated with chemotherapy, the first such device to receive clearance. The FDA expanded the clinical indications for DigniCap in July 2017 to include men and women with solid tumors.

For more information about using this cooling system, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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